Core-js is a modular standard library for JavaScript. It includes polyfills for ECMAScript up to 2023, including promises, symbols, collections, iterators, typed arrays, and many other features. It also includes ECMAScript proposals and some cross-platform WHATWG/W3C features and proposals like URL. You can load only the required features or use it without global namespace pollution[^1^][1].
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Core-js is available on npm[^1^][1]. It is not backed by a company, so the future of the project depends on its users. The project is raising funds through Open Collective, Patreon, Boosty, Bitcoin, and Alipay[^1^][1].

There are several ways to use core-js. You can load the entire library or only the required features. You can also use it without global namespace pollution by importing individual features from 'core-js-pure/actual'[^1^][1].

Core-js is integrated with Babel and is the base for polyfilling-related Babel features[^2^][4].